Enriched Customer Service

CASE STUDY:  Enriched Customer Service

The Challenge:

A fortune 50 Technology Corporation US Customer Help Center had a customer satisfaction problem. The center’s rating were affected by the inability to fix customers problems on the first call. Call statistics indicated that the customer averaged 2.7 calls per fix. They had logged as many as 39 calls from a single customer who was trying to get a modem fixed. The first time fix rate was only 58%. Multiple calls cause big problems as Help Center responsiveness is a big factor towards winning and sustaining market share. Customer satisfaction was hovering at 78% — the goal was 85%. Turnover for Call takers surpassed 100%.

Product complexity and part numbers were increasing exponentially. Something had to change.

The Solution:

We were asked to help the call center to design a WorkOut to help them meet their customer satisfaction goals. We worked closely with the Manager of US Help Centers to identify target areas and formed an “expert team” to carve the service issues into workable components. We set aggressive objectives for improving:

  • Problem and Solution Identification
  • Solution Delivery
  • Verification and Response Metricspan
  • A three day session was convened to target solutions that could be implemented in a three month timeframe.


Solutions coming out of the WorkOut were implemented immediately. Results started to show up in 45 days. Within 4 months the new process, procedures, tools and roles began to payoff.

  • First time fix jumped 12.5 pts – from 58% to 71% (it would climb to total of 17 point in 180 days)
  • Customer Satisfaction moved from 78% to 83%
  • Call Taker Satisfaction increased by 5 points
  • Customer loyalty ratings jumped from 82.7% to 86.6%
  • Call Taker skills increased – decreasing call processing time
  • Consistency of delivery was enhanced
  • Call Takers were thrilled to be able to solved problems and avoid the wrath of a frustrated customer